The topic of security is our top priority.
Thanks to the ASVZ (Academic Sports Association Zurich of UNI and ETH), where we have been leaders for almost 30 years now, we enjoy annual training in first aid. We also take part in further training courses in Tenero (National Youth Sports Centre), where we learn about safety in apparatus gymnastics.
Together with the Swiss youth and children’s circus schools, we have developed guidelines and directives to make teaching in the various disciplines safer and more consistent. This includes safe teaching as well as maintenance of the equipment.
Since floor gymnastics in particular places high demands on the trainer, we pass on our knowledge to the children’s circus schools and manage the acrobatics module for the Cascade (Academy for Circus Pedagogy).
In the social aspects of safety we follow the guidelines of cool and clean and the 4-eyes principle in teaching. So there are always two teachers present.

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