• We recommend tight non-slipping clothing for almost all courses, because reverse positions are frequently used in training
  • Wear long clothing for trapeze and cloth to avoid burns. No tank tops either please to avoid perspiration marks on the cloth
  • Please remove all jewelry, as you may get injured by it and to avoid ladders and holes in the cloths
  • Please wear gymnastics shoes or socks for class

Eating before the course?

  • It is recommended to avoid eating (heavy) meals about 3 hours prior to the course. In aerial yoga, you might get sick and in acrobatics you might get stitches.


  • We put great emphasis on joint and spine friendly courses. However, there is e.g. load in effect on the wrists when doing handstands.
  • If you are suffering from a complaint that would need treatment, you shall clarify with your doctor, if participating in the course is possible
  • Inform us about physical sufferings before the course
  • See health restrictions


  • All our courses (but the children’s courses) are suitable for all ages. It is important to never overexert and to address the goals slowly, giving the body time to get used to the new challenges.