General terms and conditions Kids Circus

  • Registrations by e-mail are for a quarter and binding and are laid out for. Payment is due within 30 days after the start of the course.
  • Unregistering is only possible until 2 weeks before the start of quarter. Unattended lessons will not be reimbursed.
  • In case of absence due to illness (with a medical certificate) the course money is credited for the new quarter.
  • Participants (or their parents) are held responsible for accidents and material damages. Insurances are a matter of the participants.
  • We deny all responsibility for the wardrobe. Valuables can be taken to the course chamber.
  • The course leaders understand that the participants are in good health. Possible physical sufferings must be reported to the course leader before the start of the lesson.
  • If the course leaders are unavailable due to a show or illness, they will organize adequate replacement.
  • Clothing: for hygiene reasons, barefoot is not permitted. Jewelry has to be taken off and long hair has to be tied for safety reasons. Lessons with the aerial cloth or trapeze require long sleeved bodies or t-shirts and long leggings.
  • Pictures: Pictures of the children are sometimes taken during training and on shows. These pictures are used for the picture gallery on our website or e.g. for a publication in the “Kurier”. We understand the consent for this is given. Otherwise, please advise us in written that you don’t agree with this.