Circus Disciplines

Private Lessons “am Bach”

Have you ever dreamt of hovering in the air yourself, when you were at the circus? Is an admission exam to a circus school lying ahead? Are you able to do a handstand, but would like to learn to do it on a single arm? Or are you just interested in trying something new? For example riding the historic penny-farthing (high wheel) or doing a handstand on the hoverboard?

We offer private lessons for the following circus disciplines:
Vertical cloth, trapeze, handstand, single-armed handstand, partner acrobatics, unicycling, giraffe, historic penny-farthing (high wheel), rola rola, rodeoline, slackline and juggling.

Birthday surprises for young and old alike:
Enjoy the circus atmosphere for two hours and hang on a trapeze, balance on a sphere or juggle with balls once in your lifetime – our loft makes it all possible!

Cost: 1h  Fr. 100.- with one director / Fr. 150.- two directors

Location: Am Bach 2, 8305 Dietlikon, Zurich

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