Aerial Massage

Aerial Thai Yoga Massage am Bach – a mixture of Thai yoga massage and aerial yoga

As an acrobat you deal with your body an its health issues all the time. This had Lorenz Matter soon train and develop in Dorn therapy, Thai yoga massage and other massage techniques.
He has now developed an own form of therapy – aerial thai yoga massage.

Aerial thai yoga massage provides the following advantages:

  • Thanks to free hovering, the body can be mobilized easily and softly and the energy flow can be activated as well.
  • Applying pressure in aerial massage allows to achieve an extension, as one lies freely in the cloth on the back.
  • During the massage, the body is set into soft swinging while mobilizing the joints carefully.
  • A feeling of security becomes one during the massage ans the cloth provides a protected space.
  • The body can relax easily inside the cloth.
  • As in the air one is not held, no joints can be overstretched (risk of badly applied Thai yoga massage)
  • Conclusion: You’ve never been more relaxed nor more secure during a massage!

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Cost for a treatment: ½h Fr. 50.-
Location: Am Bach2, 8305 Dietlikon, Zurich
Dress code: Comfortable training suit without zippers